“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Dear Colleagues and Friends,


This week, like so many weeks at the state’s public medical school, we have much to celebrate. More globally, Saturday is the annual celebration of the Fourth of July, a tradition, that like MCG, goes back a ways. In this case, to the 18th century when our 13 original colonies declared their independence. We join our nation in celebrating again this hard-fought freedom.  Enjoy!

 Our Illustrious Past…

A bit closer to home, we also celebrate a graduate of our university who is destined to be headed back our way. Dr. Brooks Keel was born in Augusta. He is a 1978 graduate of Augusta College and in 1982 earned his PhD in reproductive endocrinology from MCG, when that name, which we are now privileged to have for our medical school, was the name for the entire health sciences university. His many accomplishments since include serving the past five years as President of our sister institution, Georgia Southern University (see http://president.georgiasouthern.edu/biography/ ) where he has spearheaded unprecedented growth and impressive new programs.

And Proud Future… 

We anticipate with enthusiasm that the University System of Georgia Board of Regents will make a final decision next Wednesday to appoint Dr. Keel as the next President of our great university. We continue to wish Dr. Keel well as this important process moves forward and want him to know that his alma mater(s) looks forward to seeing him soon. He will be a great leader for GRU.

Please stay safe this holiday weekend and enjoy this special time.


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