Positive emotions

“The ability to summon positive emotions during periods of intense
stress lies at the heart of effective leadership.” ~ Jim Loehr

March 23, 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

2012 … Highest Match Rate for U.S. Medical School Seniors in 30 Years …

March 16 was Match Day for all medical school graduates in the country and OURS was once again a BLAST! GHSU students had a highly impressive listing of matches, including GHSU and other top places like Vanderbilt, Mayo, Duke, Georgetown, Ohio State and Boston University. 17% of our students are staying in Georgia to continue their training with 38% of those matching in Primary Care. Congratulations to you all! According to the National Resident Matching Program, more than 95% of U.S. medical school seniors (38,377 participants) matched this year – the highest rate in 30 years. We also greatly appreciate the commitment of our faculty and staff – as well as the leadership of Drs. Kathy McKie, Andy Albritton, Rhee Fincher and their colleagues – in preparing our medical students and we are extremely proud to call our students ambassadors for GHSU and for Augusta.

Congratulations … Integrity, Excellence … Compassion …

Congratulations to Craig Akoh, Christopher Blakely, Cory Bryan, Robert Carter, Peter Chung, Itoro Edet, Laura Fay, Michelle Forrester, Evan Garner, Laura Harrison, Caitlin Hester, Kaitlyn Ike, Mehreen Iqbal, Timothy Lumpkin, Abeer Memon, Jeffrey Mills, Hugh Nadeau, Rachel Nix, Sager Patel, Patidar Viniya, Adam Pyrzak, Walid Radwan, Alicia Register, Lashon Sturgis, Vijayalaksh Sundaaram, Andrew White, Jonathan Wilson, Leonard Yontz, and Ronnie Zeidan on nomination and selection to the Gold Humanism Honor Society. This is an impressive recognition of integrity, excellence, compassion, altruism, respect, empathy, and service in your lives and in your medical careers.

Remember the HEAL Penny War that took place the last few weeks? Well the winners are the second year medical students! Over $1000 was raised in their efforts to support Belle Terrace Health and Wellness Center. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/GHSU-Medical-College-of-Georgia-Office-of-Diversity-Affairs/151413258260186).

We also congratulate Dr. Leonard Reeves on being named Chair, Future Industries Committee of the Greater Area Chamber of Commerce in Rome. The committee members include CEOs of the two area hospitals, Harbin Clinic, college and school presidents and superintendents. Dr. Reeves will work to bring education and healthcare together to expand industry, research, and innovation.
ACGME Next Accreditation System (NAS) … Implementation by July 2014 …

Drs. Shelley Nuss, Walt Moore and other educational leaders attended the recent ACGME meeting where the ‘next accreditation system’ (NAS) was highlighted. NAS will create a national framework for assessment that includes comparison data, a reduction in the burden associated with the current process of accreditation, allow residents to learn in innovative ways, and enhance resident education in quality and patient safety. NAS will be phased in between now and July 2014 with implementation by 7 of the 26 ACGME-accredited core specialties (emergency medicine, internal medicine, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, pediatrics, diagnostic radiology and urology) in July 2013. A key element of the NAS is the measurement and reporting of outcomes through educational ‘milestones’ developed for each specialty. Check out the ACGME website at www.acgme.org for more details.

GRAChIE … Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange …

Our thanks and congratulations go to Mr. David Hefner and Dr. Philip Coule for their steadfast commitment in pushing this excellent initiative forward. GHS Health System is a member of GRAChIE which is a health information exchange that links GHS Health System, The Medical Center of Central Georgia, affiliated physicians and other healthcare providers. This secure network allows our healthcare providers to share updated, electronic patient information. The benefits of GRAChIE will improve quality and coordination of care, increase patient safety, save time and reduce duplicate medical procedures, which will potentially reduce costs.

MCG Foundation Scholarship Committee’s Commitment …

The MCG Foundation Scholarship Committee recently held an ad hoc meeting to review scholarship portfolios, review the scholarship needs and vision and to update fundraising plans. We very much appreciate the leadership, support and chairmanship of Dr. Mason Thompson as well as the committee’s commitment to enhance scholarships for our students.

Our Thanks For Educational Success Service …

Our thanks go to Drs. Robert Nesbit and Carol Nichols for participating on the USMLE Test Committee which develops and reviews test items and to Dr. Andy Albritton as our medical school liaison and executive chief proctor who has responsibility for the subject exams and administrative tasks as well as to Dr. Rhee Fincher for her involvement on the USMLE Composite Committee, Derivative Assessment Products Task Force, and Clinical Skills Evaluation Collaboration Operations Oversight Group.

Living Long and Healthy Lives …. U.S. News and World Report Celebrates World’s Oldest People …

Recently U.S. News and World Report compiled a listing of the world’s oldest people. With the average life expectancy of the world’s population at 67.59 years, the United States is fairing somewhat better at approximately 78 years of age. The group individually has their own take on what keeps them living and healthy, but eating well and staying fit seemed to run through the comments. Please click here to see the full article http://news.yahoo.com/worlds-oldest-people-180214707.html. One local lady, Ms. Mamie Rearden makes the list at #8. Ms. Rearden’s secret? Always treat others as you want to be treated. Tend to your own business and live a good, clean life and the Lord will bless you,”

Upcoming Dates and Events …

March 24th – 2nd Annual GHSU/UGA Medical Partnership SGO Golf Tournament, 8:30 a.m. UGA Golf Course. The 2012 proceeds will benefit the Children’s Specialty Services at St. Mary’s Healthcare System and the academic endeavors of the students at the Partnership Campus. For more information call Alison (706)-369-5923.

March 29th – MCG Alumni Reception, 6 pm, Dr. Mark Ellison’s Home in Athens, GA

March 30th – Doctors Day!

April 1-8 – Masters’ Week! Lots of Community Events in Town – http://www.augustaga.org/Masters-Week-Activities

April 11th – MCG Faculty Senate Meeting and Awards Ceremony, 5 pm, Large Auditorium

April 20th – Raft Debate, 6 p.m. MCG Wellness Center – Calling all MCG Students, Sponsored by MCG Alumni Association with Dr. Peter Buckley, Moderator; Dr. William D. Hill, II, Devil’s Advocate; Dr. Paul Weinberger, Surgery Rep; Dr. Adam Berman, Medicine Rep; and Dr. Christopher Edwards, Pediatrics Rep.

April 24th – President’s Lecture Series Continues – Guest Speaker – Dr. Linda Burns Bolton

April 24th – Richmond County Medical Society Meeting, 7 pm, Old Medical College

April 26-29th – GHSU Homecoming, Various campus and community locations http://www.georgiahealth.edu/alumni/homecoming/


May 4th – MCG Dean’s State of the College Address, 12 Noon, Large Auditorium

May 10th – Hooding, 2 pm, Bell Auditorium – Keynote Speaker – Vice Admiral Matthew L. Nathan, Navy Surgeon General

May 11th – GHSU Graduation, 2 pm – James Brown Arena

May 14th – National Peace Officers Day

May 15th – MCG Town Hall, 5 pm, Large Auditorium – Question and Answer forum with Dr. Buckley

May 18th – GME Leadership Retreat, 8 am – 4 pm, Alumni Center – Agenda to include ACGME changes in the accreditation process.