Work together

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
~Andrew Carnegie

September 30, 2011

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

GHSU Family Day and MCG White Coat Ceremony … New Faces …

This past Saturday was GHSU Family Day and MCG White Coat Ceremony. The day turned out to be a great success. Our White Coat ceremony honored the Class of 2015 with their first white coats. There was a great turnout among families and the presence also of our faculty is much appreciated. Dr. Azziz gave invigorating remarks to the new class. Dr. William Strong gave the history of the white coat as well as words of wisdom …’work hard’. Dr. Kathy McKie blended the cornerstones of medical education with her lifetime experiences as a great doctor. Dr. Turner Rentz led the class oath with inspiration and guidance. Mr. Joshua Bell and Ms. Nitya Nair gave excellent words of advice and support for our new students as well as Mr. George Lazari talking of how to achieve balance as a medical student. We thank the Admissions Committee for ‘donning the white coats’. It was a fun day overall and thanks to faculty and staff for their hard work in support of this most successful day. Our thanks also to Dr. Roy Rowland for his support.

Alumni Reception in SW Georgia … Familiar Faces …

We want to thank our alumni from SW Georgia that attended the reception this past week. We had a large turnout from Alumni and they were given a thorough update on Alumni and GHSU activities from Drs. Hobbs, Madaio, and Head, and our students from the SW GA campus who also described their excellent learning experiences. We very much appreciate all the hard work from Susan Barcus, Scott Henson and their entire team that went into making the event successful.

Alpha Omega Alpha President Named … One of Our Very Own …

Dr. Ruth Marie Fincher was recently named President of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (AOA). This is a MAJOR distinction and we appreciate this honor being bestowed upon Dr. Fincher. Please join us in congratulations.

Noon Arts Council … Much Talent on Campus …

This week, MCG sponsored the GHSU Arts Council Noon Music. We had great fun and a talented group of performers. Students, residents, faculty and staff played instruments and sang. We don’t want to leave anyone out so we will say ‘Congratulations to all’ and many thanks to everyone who put the performances together. The next event is December 16… a wonderful lunchtime reprieve from a busy day.
GHSU Faculty Spouse Club … Are you a member?

Leonie and I have been members for over 11 years and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this wonderful group, meeting new friends, as well as continuing friendships for over a decade. There are special interests groups that would be delighted to welcome you as well as a scholarship fund for students that you may like to support. Please check out our website ( We look forward to having you join the GHSU Faculty Spouse Club and meeting you at events.

GHSU Healthy Leaders …

This week, Mr. Hefner was the featured speaker at the American Heart Association’s Annual Executive Breakfast. Mr. Hefner gave an invigorating talk … which was right in line with the theme of the breakfast … ‘Leading Change: Joining Together For a Healthier CSRA”. We look forward to being good partners with our community to advance a ‘healthier Augusta’.

A few weeks ago we told you of several of our ‘GHSU family’ that were participating in the Iron Man Triathlon. We want to say thanks and congratulations for finishing a very rigorous race. You all are great athletes and showcase ambassadors for ‘GHSU Healthy Leaders’. We also want to thank our many medical volunteers who kept everyone safe during the event.

Best Practices … Innovative Engagement …

Mr. Joseph Thornton recently chaired a panel discussion at the American Hospital Association’s conference ‘Best Practices in the Evolving Academic Health Center’. He shared our early, strategic planning – Enterprise Strategic Planning (ESP) initiative – with hospitals from all over the country. Our thanks to Joe and everyone involved in putting GHSU in the national forefront of best practices.

Posters Highlighted …. Medical Scholars Research Day …

We want to highlight some of the posters that were presented during the Medical Scholars Research Day. Mr. Scott Guililand, Class of 2014 with his advisor, Dr. Christie Palladino who said “It was refreshing to me as a faculty member to see Scott’s perspective as a current student and how that could drive such a very powerful question” presented ‘Describing Medical School Perspectives of the First-Year Curriculum at MCG’. In brief, an anonymous study reported five main themes and highlighted potential opportunities for educational interventions: encouraging a quality social outside medicine, setting clear expectations for clinical integration and incorporating lecture in ways to engage the students. Scott’s findings confirmed that medical school is extremely rigorous and difficult and it was cited that “The most helpful thing for med students is just to feel comfortable with the curriculum; to find a study schedule that feels manageable to them.” Congratulations to Scott and Christie on their efforts to obtain feedback that is helpful to all of us, especially the new class.

Upcoming Dates and Events …

October 4, 2011 – President’s State of the Enterprise Address

Please plan to attend Dr. Azziz’s State of the Enterprise Address – Noon – This Tuesday, Lee Auditoria Center.

October 5, 2011 – Cancer Center Seminar Series

Dr. Andrew Mellor, GHSU Immunotherapy Center, will present ‘How tumors inform development of novel immunotherapies to treat chronic inflammatory diseases’, 9 am CN-1102.

October 6, 2011 – 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Support Group Fundraiser

The 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Support Group Fundraiser (silent auction) – 9 am to 2 pm – Cancer Center Community Conference Room. All proceeds to benefit the Breast Cancer Support Group.

October 27, 2011 – Hallelujah for Health

This is a ‘Benefit Concert’ – area choirs and groups will entertain through song and praise at 7 pm at Paine College. Our goal in presenting this exciting event is to raise funds for projects and operations of the CSRA Partnership for Community Health. There are three health clinics affiliated with the CSRA Partnership that are available for the entire community. These clinics provide access to primary health care for the uninsured and under insured in our community. The clinics are located in the 30901, 30906 and the 30904 zip code areas.

November 3, 2011 – Inaugural Lois T Ellison, MD Lectureship in Physiology

We invite you to attend the Inaugural Lectureship where Dr. Marlene Rabinvotich will be the guest speaker – Health Sciences Building – 5 pm.

Finally …

We need to be steadfast in our commitment to exemplary leadership in being compassionate for our colleagues affected by the realignment. We are part of the GHSU team – GHSU family. We will dedicate ourselves to achieving success in our missions of quality care, educational excellence and research growth. As this week’s quotation from Mr. Carnegie reminds us “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

Many thanks for all you do.