The whole is greater

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 
― Aristotle

 Awesome Progress … Incredible Synergy … Delivering on Our Promise …

Great news coming out of our university this week with the announcement by Drs. Richard Griner and Paul Wallach of the new B.S./M.D. degree being offered up this fall. What an incredible opportunity for our students, faculty and the future physician workforce. Basically it means that students headed to college who know they want to be doctors, start out in an incredible program that optimally prepares them for medical school. Of course, the usual rigorous standards for MCG medical student admission will still prevail for all. And, for those who make the successful transition, it still means eight years of schooling at the moment, but we hope to compress that to seven years. Certainly this program is an awesome example of the synergy created by our new university and we so appreciate Drs. Griner and Wallach for making it happen and happen quickly. More coming soon on an M.D./M.B.A. program in collaboration with the Hull College of Business. Check out


Philanthropy Focus … Dynamic Deliberations … National Leaders Caucus in Augusta …

Speaking of synergy, our colleagues in GRU Advancement recently led an invigorating conference for fundraising professionals from top U.S. and Canadian medical schools to discuss optimal strategies for raising much-needed support. There was great group and individual discussion about essential issues, measuring success and the all-important thank you. We were privileged to welcome our talented colleagues and proud to share our own successes with them, especially the remarkable Dr. J. Harold Harrison $66 million endowment! We learned as well from their experiences and successes.  Congratulations to Susan Barcus, Tina Baggott and other members of the Advancement team for putting together such a productive gathering.

Seasoned Leader … New Relationships

Still more good news about collaboration: Our newest partner, Roosevelt Warm Springs Hospital, has a new but incredibly seasoned leader in David L. Mork. Mr. Mork has been named Executive Director and will be working with our GR Medical Center leadership to manage inpatient rehabilitation and long term care as well as general facility oversight. You may already know that the university announced in late June signing an interagency agreement to manage the hospitals of Roosevelt Warm Spring Institute for Rehabilitation – – and now there’s the successful recruitment of a leader with 30-plus years of service. Our congratulations to David Hefner and others for yet another innovative partnership, this time with a truly historic institute, founded by President Roosevelt in 1927, see

Inspiring Insight … Reaching out to Tomorrow’s Workforce …


The Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) for high school and college students interested in the health professions, as well as the Pre-matriculation Program for incoming students who have been accepted into our medical and dental programs, held a smashing awards luncheon recently.  MCG’s own Dr. Michael Edwards, a passionate and accomplished surgeon, shared his perspective on the importance of mentoring with nearly 60 student participants in these incredibly important initiatives that give young people true insight and valuable knowledge about what it takes and means to be a health care professional.  For the students who’ve already been accepted, it’s an intensive preparation for their first year in medical or dental school, to help them successfully overcome any challenges. Like so much of what we do, our faculty really knock themselves out educating and mentoring all these young folks. In fact, this year, our university had more than 60 faculty help in a variety of ways. Wow. This also is one of those really awesome reminders of the great privilege many of us have to teach and of the great young people who are knocking on the door. Job truly well done one and all. Thanks especially to Dr. Kim Halbur, Linda James and Alexis Rossi

MCG Graduate… (Another) Job Well Done … We Hear your Successes ….

Our 2012 graduate, Dr. Carmen Wallace, was 2013 Intern of the Year at the Medical College of Wisconsin where she is doing a medicine/peds residency.  Dr. Rhee Fincher remembers well her dedication to public health and the underserved. Now we send our congratulations to her as well as our thanks for making us so proud. Dr. Wallace is another terrific reminder of how our students are competitive and generally awesome. As with the stellar success of the summer programs just mentioned, this, of course, is in no small part due to the incredible commitment of our faculty. Thank you all once again!

Trending … Making Impressions…

We told you last week about the Time magazine piece. Now we want to share a similar comprehensive piece on university consolidation in Georgia Trend magazine. This is another interesting article on how the University System of Georgia transformed eight institutions into four that has a strong focus on our university. See .


Great Information …. Hearing Happenings


Our colleagues at the Medical Association of Georgia held a Legislative Update recently that provided very helpful information on key topics like health care reform, scope of practice, primary care workforce development, and medical malpractice reform.  Participants expressed a lot of appreciation for House Bill 499, see and that deals with the impact of federal guidelines on medical liability lawsuits filed in the state. Participants also received guidance on how best to work with our lawmakers and how important it is that these key decision makers always understand and know who we are, that they don’t just hear from and about us when we think we need something.  In fact, times like now, where we are in between legislative sessions, are great times to connect. Frankly, there is much to be learned as well by all of us from the lawmakers who serve our state.  We want them to know that we also are here for them and are always happy to share our expertise.


Innovative Efforts for Kids …. New Fellowship


A final bright note, our Department of Orthopaedics is among the country’s first to have a fellowship that better prepares pediatricians to care for some of the common bone maladies affecting children. This training is in keeping with family medicine physicians or internists who also specialize in sports medicine. It’s a great marriage!  Congratulations to Dr. Luke Shiver for being the first on board and to Dr. Norman Chutkan and his department for making it happen. Read more about it here .







Upcoming Events…

July 29 – Join the Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology for their seminar series at 2-3 p.m.  “Penalized Least Squares and the Algebraic Statistical Model for Biochemical Reaction Networks.” in AE 1002 in the Biostatistics Seminar Room, Pavilion I.

July 31 – Aug 1– Orientation including the freshman brunch (see below), information sessions, and two social outings.  Check out this event on our MCG Facebook page-

July 31 – The MCG Alumni Association will have a Freshman Brunch at 10:30 a.m. at the Augusta Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

Aug. 1 – Early decision dates– AMCAS Application deadline and Secondary Application deadline due today.

Aug. 5 – First day of class!

Aug. 15 – Kick-off  the new school year while celebrating and learning more about the full spectrum of services at GRU and GRHealth at the first ever GR Connections Expo, 3-7 p.m., at the Christenberry Fieldhouse on the Forest Hills Campus.

Sept. 13 – Mark your calendars for noon and the first MCG Faculty Senate meeting for the 2014 academic year. The event will be held in the Lee Auditorium.

Sept. 17-18 – Please join the GRU Research Community at the Innovation Summit at the Kroc Center. To learn more, follow this link

Sept. 26-27 – The Southern Translational Education and Research (STAR) Conference 2013 will be held at the Augusta Marriott. Investigators in the field of clinical and translational science are invited to submit abstracts to be considered by Aug. 30th. Please contact Kim McKenzie at kmckenzie@rx.uga.eduand visit the website, more information.

Oct. 12 – The White Coat ceremony will be held at the Bell Auditorium at 3 p.m. with the reception  immediately following at the Old Medical College building. Please check this event page on our MCG Facebook to follow details-

Oct. 15 – Grand opening of the Northwest Georgia campus based in Rome.


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