You will soon be a member…

“You will soon be a member of the world’s greatest profession. Just be yourself and remember to always be kind.” Dr. Roy Witherington, MCG Class of 1953


An Amazing New Home…

Gov. Deal said, “This is a great day for Georgia.” We absolutely second that emotion on the opening of the beautiful J. Harold Harrison M.D. Education Commons yesterday. Dr. Jim Osborne, from our MCG Foundation, said that if we listened carefully we just might hear the roaring laugh and celebration of the larger-than-life man, our 1948 graduate, the late Dr. Harrison, who helped make this incredible academic home possible. We are very grateful that his wife Sue was among us. Dr. Azziz rallied us to take a look at what the state – and so many others – has done for its medical school. Chancellor Huckaby said that our school will take off as it never has before.

For Our Stellar Students…And Educators

Check out what our students are saying here in this terrific video by Tim Johnson and Ashley White: The smile on their faces Thursday spoke volumes as well. Our thanks to our city, our state, our alums, the Woodruff Foundation, to so many who supported this academic home where 21st century medicine will be taught at one of the nation’s first medical schools. What a day, what a building, what a medical school. Our thanks to our colleagues in Advancement, in particular Betty Meehan and Gia Johnson, for putting together such a glorious celebration. Please see this terrific story,

Including the Class of 2018… Who Just Got Their White Coats

The White Coat program is another one of those events that inspires, no matter how many you attend. This year’s was no exception. Fourth-year Daniel Johnson shared amazingly amusing and poignant lessons with his first-year colleagues; one of his funniest was telling them to keep a bleach pen in their pocket for their new white coats. Michael Schecter from our Athens campus reminded all that sometimes it’s tough to remember that humanism is why they chose medicine. Our Dr. Robyn Hatley absolutely knocked it out of the park with his keynote address. This pediatric surgeon, who treats his patients as if they were his children, reminded us all to respect everyone, to find balance in our lives, and, of a lesson-learned from his football days, to always “finish the drill.”

Donned for the First Time… In Front of Family and Friends

Earlier that day, was our more nascent tradition where parents and partners of our freshman learn more about what our medical school is and what their child or loved one will be doing over the next four years. Incredible insight was provided by a second-year panel that included Katherine Menezes, Carter Galbraith, Elizabeth Cappello, Austin Evans, and Joseph Dolensky. So very many individuals come together as a great team to make such events a reality. We want to thank particularly, Drs. Paul Wallach and Kim Halbur for their leadership in these terrifically important ones.

Super Science…Takes on Breast Cancer

Speaking of incredible teams, our Dr. Lin Mei and an international team of investigators have identified a potential new way to treat aggressive breast cancer. They have found that a well-known oncogene, ErbB2, also known as HER2, which is overexpressed in about 25 percent of breast cancers, needs a protein called Erbin to help it help breast cancer proliferate. While drugs such as Herceptin have been helpful for these patients, sometimes patients become resistant because the cancer mutates. Targeting Erbin may one day help these patients and others. We laud their progress against the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. Read more here

Prepared Professionals…

We’ve heard a lot about patients and families impacted by the Ebola virus and concerns about its spread. Our Emergency Department had a no-notice drill on this important issue this week and Dr. Phillip Coule reports that our faculty and staff did a great job of recognition, isolation, and notification and that work began immediately on any issues that did arise. Our colleagues at the Georgia Hospital Association assure us that they, in partnership with the Georgia Department of Public Health, have well established systems in place to handle a public health matter so that hospitals throughout our state also are prepared. Our university on Tuesday will host a public forum so we can all learn more, see and Our health and safety is clearly in so many good hands. Check out this interesting piece on the science of Ebola,

Terrific Alums… From Savannah

Last Tuesday we had a wonderful turnout for our MCG Alumni Association Savannah Regional Reception. We would like to thank Dr. Dan DeLoach for his leadership and dedication to MCG and for, once again, being such a terrific host at the scenic Savannah Golf Club. Our students, Stephen Jackson and Ziyad Nasrawi, who are currently learning at our Southeast Campus, shared stories about their experiences. It was great to hear and see how our students are settling into this beautiful part of our state with the wonderful support of many fine physicians as well as St. Joseph’s/Candler Health System and Brunswick’s Southeast Georgia Health System, our campus anchors. Truly another inspiring event.

And Well Beyond…

The 41st annual Rinker-Witherington Urologic Society – which honors two of our great leaders in urology – was another truly collegial gathering closer to home base. The annual scientific meeting brings our former urology residents back to campus for learning and fellowship. This year our faculty and guest speakers made excellent presentations on topics from revised management strategies for urological injuries in wartime to prostate cancer therapy complications. Our congratulations to Urology Chief Dr. Martha Terris for making this happen.

Lead the Way…To An Even Stronger Future

Finally today, our Dr. Varghese George starts the University System of Georgia Executive Leadership Institute next week. This 120-hour program, over eight months, enables leaders like our Biostatistics Chairman to do some serious introspection, cross mentoring, and learning that will enable them to become even more effective. We applaud Dr. George for the honor and the USG for the opportunity.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 14 – Body Donation Memorial Service, 1-2 p.m., Lee Auditorium

Feb. 24 – MCG Alumni Association Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, Board Meeting and Regional Event, starting at 2:30 p.m., Idle Hour Country Club, Macon.

March 5 – MCG Alumni Association Regional Reception, 6 p.m., Northeast History Museum, Gainesville.

March 20 – Match Day, noon, location to be determined.

April 17 – Raft Debate, sponsored by the MCG Alumni Association, 6 p.m., Lee Auditorium.

April 23-26 – Alumni Weekend.

May 1 – State of the Medical College of Georgia address, noon, Lee Auditorium, lunch provided.

May 4 – MCG Graduation Dinner, 6:30 p.m., location to be determined.

May 7 – Hooding Ceremony, 2 p.m., location to be determined.

May 8 – Graduation, 2 p.m., James Brown Arena.

It should be a great weekend to enjoy all the great European festivals happening in our hometown!