Urgency of doing

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” ~ Leonardo Da Vinci



November 2, 2012


Congratulations … Student Research Recognized and Awarded …

We want to congratulate Ms. Erin Scott, MD/PhD student on receiving the 2013 International Stroke Conference Travel Award for Junior Investigators for the abstract “Long-Term Estrogen Deprivation Enhances Hippocampal Amyloidogenic Processing and Cognitive Decline after Global Cerebral Ischemia”.


Congratulations … Helping Hand Grant …

Please join us as we also congratulate third-year students Ms. Sarah Hilton, Ms. Charity Pires and Ms. Faneece Embry on being awarded the American Psychiatric Foundation Helping Hand Grant. Under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Adriana Foster, the students presented their posters “Medical Students’ Attitudes Towards the Mentally Ill and Towards the Homeless: A Possible Overlap?” and “Homelessness and Mental Illness: The Medical Students’ Viewpoints” at the recent Institute on Psychiatric Services meeting.


Congratulations … Laureate Award Received From the American College of Physicians …

We also want to congratulate Dr. Andy Albritton on recently receiving the Laureate Award from the American College of Physicians. Dr. Albritton exemplifies a commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research and in community service


Congratulations … International Training Grant Awarded …

Please also join us in congratulating our Department of Physiology in collaboration with the Department of Pharmacology, University of São Paulo- Ribeirão Preto on receiving a training grant with Brazil Scientific Mobility Program. This grant will be used in joint research activities in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology as well as a visiting faculty program and development of a doctoral and postdoctoral program. This is truly collaboration at its finest.


Second Annual Augusta Research Symposium for Advances in Warrior Care … Once Again … Successful Collaboration Makes A Difference …

Was a huge success!!! (http://www.georgiahealth.edu/research/warriorcare/) Our thanks to Dr. Mark Hamrick, General Jeff Foley and the many others on the GHS team for their leadership with the symposium. Collaboration with the VA and Eisenhower Medical Center in conjunction with the Augusta Warrior Project will continue as we work on the many challenges we are facing with our veterans. Retired Army General Peter W. Chiarelli, keynote speaker, remarked how impressed he was with our speakers and the momentum we have going. We look forward to the planning stages for the 3rd annual symposium next year.


Our Thanks … Another Successful Medical Fair …

The 12th Annual MCG Practice Opportunity Medical Fair was recently held and is co-sponsored by the MCG Graduate Medical Education Office and the Georgia Board for Physician Workforce. Representatives from many communities and hospitals throughout Georgia attended. A special thanks to University Hospital representatives for being available to discuss practice opportunities with interns, residents, fellows and future physicians, our medical students. A total of 31 organizations were represented at the medical fair with over 135 trainees present for interactions with organizational representatives. This year’s fair was a lively and festive event with door prizes and gift certificates for the attendees and represented the largest turnout of interns, residents, fellows and students in the history of the medical fair.


2012 Medical Scholars Research Day … Posters Highlighted Continued … A Different Venue …

Recently our students who participated in the Medical Scholars Research Day were invited to present their posters at the Richmond County Medical Society. For most, it was their first “showing” aside from the recent internal poster session. We want to commend and recognize these students for their presentations: Mr. Christopher Fowler, mentor Dr. Daron Ferris, “Attitudes and knowledge regarding cervical cancer and the PAP test of women in the Andes mountains.”; Mr. Jeffrey Ryckman, mentor Dr. Roberto Diaz, “Anatomical structure-based deformable image registration (A-DIR) in locally advanced cervical cancer for radiotherapy including adjuvant high-dose-rate brachytherapy implants.”; Mr. Hunter Faircloth, mentor Dr. Paul Weinberger, “Designing the next generation of bioreactors for stem-cell tracheal transplantation.”; Ms. Alice Chan, mentor Dr. Darrell Brann, “Localization and regulation of aromatase in the hippocampal CA1 region.”; Ms. Megan Yu, mentor Dr. Steffan Meiler, “Structural variants of donor DNA vectors for nuclease based gene correction approaches”.; and Mr. William Forehand, mentor Dr. Michael Duncan, “Type XVIII collagen is a highly expressed extracellular matrix protein in hepatocellular carcinoma”. Our students “impressed the audience with their level of sophistication in regards to the research and their ability to explain”.
Upcoming Events …


TODAY – Go Casual for Kids Day. Swap out your traditional work or class attire in favor of a more casual look

November 2nd – 7th – Association of American Medical Colleges Annual Meeting, San Francisco

November 8th – International Day of Radiology 117th anniversary of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s X-ray discovery, 5:00 pm Reception, Grand Rounds, 5:30 pm, Dr. Jose Angel Romero Figueroa, President Mexican Neuroradiologic Society, “Impact of Radiology on the Health Care System in Mexico”, Small Auditorium

November 9th – MCG Faculty Senate Meeting, Noon, Lee Auditorium and Memorial service for body donors, 1 pm, Lee Auditorium

November 11th – Veterans Day

November 11th – The Reid for Thornwell Missions Gala Silent Art Auction, Westlake Country Club, 5 – 7pm to benefit Thornwell home for Children. Contact Bobbilynn Lee (bolee@georgiahealth.edu)

November 15th – Bone Marrow Drive, ASU Student Center, CMC, and Allied Health Sciences Building, 11 am – 1 pm

November 12th – 17th – Coinciding with Veterans’ Day, AAMC has designated November 12-17 as Joining Forces Wellness Week. The cornerstone event will be a daily Webinar series on military health issues – see link for schedule and topics. Contact Anita Navarro (anavarro@aamc.org)

Fall back … Remember to set you clocks back one hour on Saturday night.


Finally, as we close out the week and look to enjoy the weekend of fall weather, let’s keep in our thoughts our fellow Americans that are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.


Many thanks for your leadership.

Warm Regards,